A safe, cost-effective and innovative solution for working at height

Working At
the height
of safety

From only £ 220.00 (ex vat)
Working at height safely Roof Anchor in action
Whats In The
Roof Anchor Kit?
  • The Roof Anchor device and four anchor screws
  • Ruck sack
  • Rope Grab Rocker
  • 10 metre of 11mm rope
  • 2 x carabiner
  • 2 point Ridgegear harness

What are the
key features?
  • Install in seconds
  • Tested to BSEN 795:1996 Class B
  • Use with tiles or slates
  • Can be left in situ after use
  • Easy to remove and reuse

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Tested to BS EN 795 Standards

In mere seconds, the Roof Anchor device attaches securely to the timber rafters or trusses of the roof. Before fitting onto any rooftop, the Roof Anchor kit fits neatly into a backpack for carrying around. (The kit includes the anchor device, screws, a harness, carabiners, a Rope Grab Rocker and, of course, the rope.) Afterwards, the anchor device can be easily removed for future reuse.

Tested to BS EN 795 (personal fall protection equipment) standards, the Roof Anchor is an approved fall protection anchor device. This innovative roof safety system is ideal for removing the risk of working at heights as well as saving the time and hire cost of scaffolding.

Cut the risk - Cut the cost

A ground-breaking kit that will cut the risk of working at heights, while saving on the cost of scaffolding, we present the Roof Anchor system. Prioritising health and safety in construction, Yorkshire roofing company Ploughcroft launched the Roof Anchor in 2013, unveiling it at the Eco Build Expo at London’s ExCeL. It has since taken roof work to new heights of safety and efficiency. The man behind the Roof Anchor system is Ploughcroft’s Divisional Director Chris Hopkins. When introducing this system to the roofing industry, he said:

"I’ve been a roofer for over 20 years, and I can honestly say the Roof Anchor system is a first for the industry. I designed it because I was frustrated at the amount of time and money roofing companies have to spend putting up scaffolding on short-duration works; I knew that there must be a safe alternative to do this for many of the jobs that we do. Hence the Roof Anchor, an amazing safety device which negates the need for scaffold in some instances, thus saving costs and time whilst still ensuring safety and without compromising the integrity of the roof surface. It also has universal fitting: no matter what type of roof it is, the Roof Anchor system will fit."